ProtoPie supports the import of Sketch files. Sketch users can import their graphic assets made in Sketch into ProtoPie with a single click, thereby eliminating the need to waste time exporting graphic assets.

Get Started

Open both ProtoPie Studio and the Sketch file you wish to import In ProtoPie Studio, go to the File menu, and click on Import from Sketch In the window that pops up, check that the name of the Sketch file in the window matches the name of the Sketch file that’s currently open.

sketch import

Import options

ProtoPie provides a variety of ways you can implement in order to import files created with Sketch. You can customize the importing process so that you can, for instance and depending on the workflow, import every layer from the Sketch file, or import only the layers that have been set as “exportable” from Sketch. You can also bring back changes in the prototype except positions or sizes of layers that were changed in ProtoPie Studio when re-importing to Sketch.

Select the artboard from Sketch that will be imported
Import Size
Set the magnification factor of a layer. This can be changed based on the size of the artboard in Sketch
All layer structure
All layers from the artboard are imported in a folder structure
Exportable layers
Only layers that have been set to be exportable are imported
If Overwrite position and sizes of layers is selected, the layers will have their sizes and positions overwritten by modifications made in ProtoPie upon re-import to Sketch. De-select this option if you changed the sizes or positions of layers with ProtoPie and wish to retain the original properties
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