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ProtoPie Cloud

ProtoPie Cloud is a space where you store, manage, and share your prototypes via the web. Create and share a link for your prototype, and let your stakeholders experience your prototypes on their own devices.

Uploading Prototypes

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Upload prototypes to the cloud from ProtoPie Studio.

  1. Save your Pie file.
  2. Click on the Upload button in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the space, personal space or team space, to upload to. If you choose the team space, select the right project.
  4. Once the upload is complete, you'll see a link. To share your prototype, share this link with others.

If you want to change the information or settings of a prototype, manage these in the cloud. Change the name and description of a prototype, alter the access settings of a prototype, and find previously uploaded versions. Learn more about managing prototypes.

Using Prototypes

Share the link of a prototype with stakeholders. Depending on the prototype, they can try it in the desktop browser, mobile browser, or in ProtoPie Player.

Learn more
 about sharing prototypes.

Desktop Browser

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To open a prototype in the desktop browser, any major browser would do. There are various display options below the prototype. Adjust the play speed, enable focus or full-screen mode, change the cursor, or activate touch hint.

Mobile Browser

It's possible to open prototypes in the mobile browser. Run and test prototypes on real smart devices.

There are some limitations with mobile browsers. The input layer, sensor-related interactions, and voice prototyping features don't work (properly). We recommend opening the prototype in ProtoPie Player to fully experience these.

ProtoPie Player

ProtoPie Player is a companion app to run and test prototypes on iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices. With ProtoPie Player, experience all features that don't work (properly) in the mobile browser.

To open a prototype in ProtoPie Player, scan the QR code of a prototype in the cloud or use the shareable link directly. Learn more about ProtoPie Player.

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