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A scene is comparable to an artboard in Sketch and Adobe XD, and a top-level frame in Figma. You could have as many scenes in your prototype as you like. Scenes are of a fixed size and follow the chosen device.

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From One Scene to the Other

Going from one scene to the other is possible with a Jump response. Optionally, you could set a transition for a Jump response.

Rulers & Guides

It can be difficult to align objects, shapes or text layers on the canvas. This is where rulers & guides come in handy. These visual tools are now here to help you quickly and precisely align objects, measure distances, and prototype faster.

Showing/hiding rulers

Rulers appear at the top and left sides of your canvas area in ProtoPie Studio. First, make sure to enable rulers & guides in Labs. To show/hide rulers, use Shift + R, or access this under View in the application menu.

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Creating guides

To create a vertical or horizontal guide, hover the mouse over the ruler area, then simply drag and drop the resize cursor.

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Removing guides is simple. You can do this in three ways.

  1. Select a guide and press Delete.
  2. Drag the guide back to the ruler area.
  3. Go to View and select Clear Guides.
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The guides will remain active even after closing the pie tab. Upon reopening the pie tab, the guides will display. However, the guides will not display upon opening an entirely new tab.

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