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Prototype mobile & desktop games or in-game experiences for consoles, like the Xbox Series X/S or PS5—playable, realistic, and fully immersive. ProtoPie is your essential prototyping tool for game design.

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Jam City

"ProtoPie helps us to ideate in a fast-paced game development and live-ops environment. Having a tool that helps proving an interaction concept before diving into expensive development is not only a huge time saver but also a huge money saver."

Juan Diaz,

Lead UI/UX Designer, Jam City

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What makes ProtoPie special?

ProtoPie comes packed with features for a time-saving UX workflow, one that’s tailored to game design. Discover the unique features that make ProtoPie special and give your design team the competitive edge it needs.


Control prototypes with any gamepad

For game prototypes to be immersive and realistic, they need to be playable first. Connect any gamepad or hardware to ProtoPie. Easily create a playable game prototype, or prototype a fully functioning in-game experience.

Dynamic Interactions

Dynamic interactions with logic, variables, and formulas

Variables and formulas enable you to create game prototypes with dynamic interactions—from keeping score, customizing levels based on a player’s previous actions, all the way to objects moving in a parabolic path.

Multi-Touch Gestures

Take full advantage of the touchscreen

Mobile games usually take full advantage of what a touchscreen has to offer. Pinching with two fingers and two hands, taps, double taps & dragging with one or multiple fingers, and a whole lot more. ProtoPie can do all of these multi-touch gestures.

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Cross-Device Interactions

Craft amazing gaming experiences across devices

Games are not limited to a single screen and device anymore. For example, play a game on a smartphone and pick up where you left off on your TV. Or play a multiplayer game together with other people. Just prototype any cross-device gaming scenarios with ProtoPie.


Lights, camera, action

Utilize the front and rear camera in mobile game prototypes. Think of augmented reality (AR), personalization, and user-generated content for mobile games. Within a few clicks, anyone can make this happen.

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