From zero to immersive automotive UX, blazingly fast

Prototype for multiple screens with hardware, such as clusters, HUDs, steering wheels, and pedals. ProtoPie is the ideal rapid prototyping tool for car UX & automotive HMI.

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"The ProtoPie products are awesome. With the addition of ProtoPie Connect, our designers are now able to experience their ideas in combination with our custom hardware and even bring their concepts into real cars within minutes. Such realistic experiences enable us to efficiently test, discuss, and iterate on a global scale."

Teo Babic & Felix Praschak,

Senior UX Designers, BMW Group

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What makes ProtoPie special?

ProtoPie comes packed with features for a time-saving UX workflow, one that’s tailored to automotive. Discover the unique features that make ProtoPie special and give your design team the competitive edge it needs.

Multiple Displays

Experience interactions across multiple displays

Modern cars have at least two displays or more. With ProtoPie, prototype and test any interactions between car displays in no-time. For example, make new information show up on the cluster display when you press a button on the center console display.

Lucid Motors. May 27, 2021. Lucid User Experience | Lucid Air | Lucid Motors. Youtube.

Physical Controls

Merge physical & digital to one single experience

Link any physical button to visual changes on a display, and vice-versa. For example, adjust the temperature with a knob, or make the speedometer react when you press down the accelerator.

Real Data

Prototype with real data from a real car

Create a fully immersive experience that responds to real data from a real car. Think of car-specific data, such as speed, fuel tank capacity, mileage—all gathered via the OBD port. Ideal for exploring a wide variety of scenarios as well as realistic usability testing.

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Flexible Integrations

Integrate easily with the technology of tomorrow

Integrate any technology with your automotive prototypes, using Socket.IO. For example, create experiences involving eye tracking and recognizing hand gestures & head movements. Truly turn your imagination into the future automotive experience.

Flexible Integrations
Voice Assistant

Speak to the car, and let the car speak to you

Build your own voice assistant into your prototypes. With 52 languages and language variants at your disposal—including English, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese—anyone could interact with your car using voice. Just speak.

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