Enterprise plan

ProtoPie allows teams to communicate designs ideas clearly and gain meaningful insights with hi-fidelity prototypes.

ProtoPie Enterprise Plan
Physically isolated data server
Log analysis support
SSO (Single sign-on)
User and usage data is only accessible within enterprise network
Private, shareable links within an enterprise network

Your security is our top priority

We continuously strive to implement the most up-to-date security practices. Pick and choose between our cloud-based or on-premises security options.

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  • Private Cloud
    Private Cloud

    An AWS-enabled secure space for your organization only.

  • On-Premises

    Rely on your organization’s own server and physical hardware.

  • Multiple team management

    ProtoPie Enterprise is made for thriving organizations—no matter how big or small. As your organizations grow, ProtoPie Enterprise scales with you. Easily manage multiple teams with their own team spaces, owner, and admins.

    • Create multiple teams
      Create multiple teams

      Have all design teams across your organization under one umbrella with their own project space and interaction libraries.

    • Team owner & admins
      Team owner & admins

      Each team has a dedicated team owner and can have one or multiple team admins. They can manage members, invite new ones, and assign roles to them.

    • Editors & unlimited viewers
      Editors & unlimited viewers

      Editors can make and upload prototypes while an unlimited number of viewers can view these prototypes and leave comments.

    • Shareable links
      Shareable links

      Always share prototypes securely—internally and externally. Use password protection, or make links expire automatically.

    • Project space
      Project space

      Each team has its own project space where its editors can make unlimited projects and upload their prototypes to.

    • Service admin
      Service admin

      The service admin oversees everything in the entire ProtoPie Enterprise environment–managing teams and members as well as assigning roles.

    The tools your team need to succeed

    Our Enterprise Plan is built with efficient collaboration and communication in mind. Bring out the best in each other to produce amazing results.

    • Interaction recordings
      Interaction recordings

      Communicate and provide feedback right alongside your interactive prototypes and speed up any decision-making in your team.

    • Interaction libraries
      Interaction libraries

      Create team-wide libraries of dynamic interactions, ensuring consistency throughout the entire product experience.

    • Instant feedback
      Instant feedback

      Provide instant feedback to speed up your team’s decision-making process. Communicate like never before.

    Trusted by the world's best teams

    Rom Impas,Principal UX designer, Zillow

    "ProtoPie is the modern prototyping tool I have been looking for! It has the ease, speed, and simplicity to bring your designs to interactivity like the real product and allows you to explore different directions without requiring any coding. ProtoPie is absolutely brilliant! For companies like Zillow, which need security, team support, and the ability to share prototypes for external testing, ProtoPie does the job and more!"

    Exclusive onboarding

    Our range of onboarding content will help get you set up in no time. Plus, we even offer online and on-site training.

    Exclusive training

    We offer all of our ProtoPie Enterprise customers an optional one-day training session online or at your office.

    Set-up & installation

    We'll help you set up your company-wide ProtoPie Enterprise environment.

    Online workshops

    You'll join online workshops with your team to answer all your questions.


    Our ProtoPie Enterprise customers are appointed dedicated account managers and given priority support–you can count on us.

    Priority support

    Skip to the front of the line. If you ever have any issues, we’ll prioritize helping you out as soon as possible.

    Email support

    Got a question? Fill in the support form. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.


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