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Start making high-fidelity prototypes with ProtoPie Studio for macOS & Windows. Discover the different products in the ProtoPie ecosystem to get the most out of your interactive prototypes.

Make high-fidelity prototypes

This is where your prototypes come to life. Install ProtoPie Studio, and start prototyping for free right away.

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For existing users: were you using ProtoPie before May 30, 2022?

Please do the following:
  • • Uninstall your current version of ProtoPie.
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Download for Windows OS

Windows 64-bit

MacOS 10.14 Mojave or above, or Windows 10 or above required.

Work with your favorite UI design tools

Never start from scratch. Import your designs straight from Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD, and start prototyping right away.

Experience what you make

With ProtoPie Player, anyone can experience prototypes on any iOS, iPadOS, or Android device.

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Download for iOS & iPad

iOS & iPad


Download for Android


Test prototypes on your wrist

On a real smartwatch, on one’s wrist, in the context of use. Prototype cross-device experiences for your smartwatch app.

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Download for Wear OS

Wear OS


Download for watchOS

Coming Soon

Only for users on the Enterprise plan.

Prototype the future

ProtoPie empowers you to fully embrace the connected future. Connect your prototypes to multiple screens, devices, hardware, and APIs.

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Download for macOS



Download for Windows

Windows 64-bit

MacOS 10.14 Mojave or above, or Windows 10 or above required.

Want to use ProtoPie Connect Embedded on Linux?
Download Linux.

Only for users on the Enterprise plan.

View, test & share

Get prototypes in the hands of anyone relevant. Share safely, receive feedback, and iterate fast as a team—from ideation to handoff.

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Learn ProtoPie from A to Z

Learn whatever you need to create interactive prototypes that suit your purpose. In a way that suits you.

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