mobile interactions
as easily as Pie

Compose elaborate
interactions and animations easily,
and build sensor-aided prototypes
without a line of code.

Don’t wear
an Engineer’s hat,
Prototype interactive
ideas in your way
with ProtoPie

To explain your designs, you don’t need
to do what the engineers do.
Instead of writing code, you can
compose interactions by combining
Interaction Pieces together.
Your interactions will result in faster and
more efficient communication
between designers and engineers.

See ProtoPie in action

Play with
Multi-finger gesture

Do you find yourself using static
images to explain pinch zoom
two-finger rotate features? Play with
multi-finger gestures
on your
physical device. ProtoPie supports
up to five simultaneous
touch inputs,
allowing five-finger gestures.

Utilize Sensors
for your prototypes

It is sometimes hard to explain design
with visual material only.
Build full product looks-like /
prototypes utilizing sensors on the
Control elements of the
prototype on the display using
smartphone’s accelerometer or

Mask object for
Material Design

One important design factor for
Google’s Material Design is masking.
Use masks on simple vector elements
and bitmap images, and move
scale the masks themselves.
Prototyping for Material Design
never been easier.

Tweak the detail
with timeline interface

Sophisticated animations require
precise timing
for movement of
elements. Take advantage
of timeline
interfaces to see every element’s
moments at a glance and to adjust
them easily.

Keep your prototype
with Multiple Scenes

You might want to show an interaction
several pages or a transition
effect between pages.
interactions can easily become
when you place numerous
image assets on the canvas
for two or
more pages. Utilize ProtoPie to keep
prototype simple with multiple scenes.
Additionally, don’t forget to take
advantage of various
transition effects.

Prototype interactive
your way with

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