ProtoPie + Adobe XD

High-fidelity prototyping for Adobe XD—go beyond limited clickable prototypes. Import Adobe XD designs and add dynamic, conditional interactions.

Realistic interactions

Turn your static designs into sophisticated prototypes in no time. From simple interactions to ones with complex formulas, all without code.

Your prototype in action

Test your prototypes on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Share them online to get quick feedback from team members.

  • Live testing in desktop browsers
  • Live testing on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices
  • Online sharing and commenting

Easy conceptual model

Our simple and logic-based conceptual model is like building blocks. To create any interaction, you just need an Object + Trigger + Response.

  • Logic-based
  • Simple to understand
  • Code free

Speed and flexibility at your fingertips

Import your designs into ProtoPie and start interactive prototyping right away.

Import your Adobe XD designs into  ProtoPie

1. Import your Adobe XD designs into ProtoPie

Transfer multiple artboards or the objects that you need to ProtoPie.

Build prototypes that work like the real thing

2. Build prototypes that work like the real thing

Achieve close to your intention with dynamic interactions and conditional logic.

Test prototypes on multiple devices

3. Test prototypes on multiple devices

Run your prototypes on mobile, desktop, and cloud. Directly experience the interactivity.

Trusted by the world's best teams

Eduardo Sonnino,Senior Designer, Microsoft

"We’ve tried countless prototyping tools and ProtoPie is hands down the most flexible and powerful tool that fits perfectly into any team’s workflow. No matter which tools or platform are being used, we can import our design assets in seconds and make awesome code-free prototypes in minutes."


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Start prototyping right away

Turn your Adobe XD designs into realistic, high-fidelity prototypes with ProtoPie—using features Adobe XD doesn’t have.