On a real smartwatch, on one’s wrist, in the context of use

Test realistic prototypes instantly on your Wear OS smartwatch. Or prototype cross-device experiences for your smartwatch app. ProtoPie is the ideal prototyping tool for smartwatch UX.

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"We have been using ProtoPie for a few years as a rapid prototyping tool. However, the experience was limited to evaluating smartwatch concepts on a phone or laptop screen. Now with the ProtoPie Smartwatch Solution, designers and researchers are empowered to explore concepts on real hardware, on the user's wrist, and in the context of use."

Jeff Hoefs,

Staff UX Engineer at Google Wear OS

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What makes ProtoPie special?

ProtoPie comes packed with features for a time-saving UX workflow, one that’s tailored to smartwatch design. Discover the unique features that make ProtoPie special and give your design team the competitive edge it needs.

Actual Smartwatch

Run prototypes on an actual smartwatch

Stop imagining what the experience would be like. Take your static smartwatch app designs off the computer screen and make them interactive. Just experience it on a real smartwatch, on one’s wrist, in the context of use.

Cross-Device Interactions

Craft amazing, realistic experiences across devices

A smartwatch usually pairs with a smartphone or tablet. All smartwatch apps sync with their counterpart on mobile or tablet in some way. ProtoPie enables you to prototype cross-device interactions easily that you can test right away.


From idea, all the way to user testing

Take an idea to a realistic prototype that you can use for user testing in the field right away. Gain valuable insights that will save you time down the line.

This dial feature is currently under development and more hardware buttons will be available soon.

We’ll show you how these work

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Voice Assistant

Embrace a voice-first future on your wrist

Build your own voice assistant into your smartwatch prototypes. With 52 languages and language variants at your disposal—including English, German, Simplified Chinese—anyone could interact with your smartwatch using voice. Just speak.

ProtoPie, the prototyping tool for smartwatch UX

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