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Managing Prototypes

It's possible to manage and open prototypes from within ProtoPie Player itself. This way you don't have to connect to ProtoPie Studio or send links to yourself every time.

There are two ways to manage prototypes in ProtoPie Player.

Accessing Prototypes in ProtoPie Cloud

Log into ProtoPie Cloud in ProtoPie Player and access all your Cloud Pies within the app. If you are a member of a team, access your team space and projects in the same way.

Learn more about ProtoPie Cloud and teams.

Available Offline

You can make Cloud Pies available offline in the Player app.

  1. Double-tap the screen of a prototype opened from Cloud.
  2. Select Make Available Offline.
  3. Open Cloud. You will find the prototype under Available Offline. If you aren't logged into ProtoPie Cloud, the option will be inside the options menu, in the upper right corner of the screen.
  1. protopie_player_make_available_offline

If you delete a prototype from the cloud that was available offline, it won't be available offline anymore. Whenever you have an internet connection and open a locally available prototype in the cloud, ProtoPie Player will always open the latest version.

Saving Prototypes Locally

Save any prototype locally that you open in ProtoPie Player through ProtoPie Studio.

  1. Double-tap the screen of a prototype opened from ProtoPie Studio.
  2. Tap Save.
  3. Go to Saved to find your locally saved prototypes.
  1. protopie_player_save_locally.
  2. protopie_player_locally_saved.
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