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Use Cases

Explore real-world applications of the voice prototyping feature. Experience it firsthand by opening the shared Pie files for each use case to see which triggers and responses were used to achieve these interactions.

Find the use case you need below:

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Smart TV Voice Search

Use voice commands to search for movies on a TV prototype used in a real device. Use ProtoPie Connect to fully interact with the prototype.

Try the prototype yourself.

Smartphone Voice Assistant

Create a voice assistant that recognizes speech, and interacts with you as you give it voice commands.

Try the prototype yourself.

In-car Voice Control Prototype

Turn on the music in the car while driving by using voice commands and speech recognition.

Try the prototype yourself.

Follow this tutorial.

Real-time Voice Translation App

Use the microphone on the Google translate app to catch your voice and translate it to the language of your preference in real time.

Try the prototype yourself.

Google Doc Voice Typing

Let the Google Docs listen to the information you provide and write the content as you speak.

Try the prototype yourself.

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