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The Pro and Enterprise plans come with powerful team features that make collaboration easier.

Each team member is assigned one of the following roles: team owner, team admin, editor, or viewer.

Based on their assigned roles, team members can create and upload prototypes to the team space and manage access to prototypes, projects, and team libraries to ensure smooth collaboration.

Check out our dedicated documentation to learn more about the differences between a team owner and a team admin or between an editor and a viewer.

If your team is already created and you're ready to onboard it, learn more about onboarding your team.

Creating a New Team

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  1. Log into ProtoPie Cloud with your ProtoPie account.
  2. Click on the Team Space menu in the left sidebar.
  3. Click on Create New Team.
  4. Enter a team name and click on Create.
  5. Click on Learn more to activate your Pro plan and unlock Pro features.
  6. Choose between the yearly and monthly Pro plans.
  7. Adjust the number of editor seats.
  8. Click on Subscribe Now and follow the checkout steps.

Accessing Teams within ProtoPie Cloud

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  1. Log into ProtoPie Cloud with your ProtoPie account.
  2. Click on the Team space dropdown menu in the left sidebar.
  3. Select the team space you want to access.

Managing Members & Roles

To invite members to a team space, open Team settings and click on Members. Then, select "Invite new member" and enter their email address.

Only the team owner and team admin/s can invite new members to the team. Invited members will receive an email invitation to join the team space.

To change a member's role, click the arrow next to their role under Role and select the desired role from the dropdown menu. Learn more about member roles.

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Member Types & Roles

Team Owner & Team Admin

The team owner role is automatically assigned to the account that creates and activates the team. If you need to transfer your team's ownership to another account, please contact support.

A team can have one or multiple team admins. Both the team owner and team admin can invite new members to the team and assign roles. The team owner can manage billing information and access all invoices.

Learn more about team owner & team admin.

Editors & Viewers

Viewers can be added without limit since they are free of charge. However, the number of editors you can have is determined by the available editor seats in your paid plan.

Editors can create prototypes and upload them to the cloud, while viewers can only see the prototypes stored in their team space and leave comments. Learn more about editors & viewers.


Team members have access to two different spaces in their account: personal space and team space.

Personal Space

Your personal space is a private area on the cloud where you can store and manage your personal prototypes and libraries without anyone else accessing them. You can move a prototype from your personal space to a project in a team space, but you cannot move prototypes from a team space to your personal space.

Learn more about duplicating & moving prototypes.

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Team Space

Each team you join has its own space in your cloud space, so if you join three teams, you'll have three spaces.

The team space consists of all the projects created by team members, whether public or private. It also includes team libraries. Learn more about projects.

Only editors with access to the project can duplicate or move its prototypes. Duplicates are always created within the same project as the original prototype. It is possible to move prototypes across projects within a single team space but not between team spaces.

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