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The team features, next to the basic features, are available in the Pro and Enterprise plans. Share prototypes, team libraries, and interaction recordings as well as collaborate efficiently with your team and stakeholders.

There are various member types and roles.

  • Member types — team owner, team admin, and member. Learn more about member types.
  • Roles — editor & viewer. Learn more about roles.

Created your team already and about to onboard your team? Learn more about onboarding your team.

Creating a Team

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  1. Log in with your ProtoPie account in ProtoPie Cloud.
  2. Go to the Team Space in the left side bar.
  3. Click on Create New Team.
  4. Enter a team name and click on Create.
  5. Click on Learn more to activate your Pro plan and unlock Pro features.
  6. Choose between the yearly and monthly Pro plan.
  7. Adjust the number of editor seats.
    1. Editors can create prototypes in ProtoPie Studio and upload them to the cloud team space.
    2. Viewers can view prototypes and leave comments. You can Invite unlimited viewers to your team for free.
      Learn more about what editors & viewers can do.
  8. Click on Subscribe Now and follow the checkout steps.

Inviting New Members

The team owner and team admin can invite new members. An invitation is sent once you add a new member. They can join the team with their ProtoPie account (Pro plan) or ProtoPie Enterprise account (Enterprise plan).

Learn more about team owner & team admin.

Member Types & Roles

Team Owner & Team Admin

Each team has a dedicated team owner and can have more one or multiple team admins. Both can invite new members to the team as well as assign roles. Learn more about team owner & team admin.

Editors & Viewers

There is no limit to the number of viewers as they are free of charge. The number of editors depends on the number of editor seats of your Pro or Enterprise plan.

Editors can create prototypes and upload them to the cloud. Viewers can only see the prototypes and leave comments. Learn more about editors & viewers.

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