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Listen Response

In order for your prototype to respond to voice commands, you'll need to enable the listening feature. By default, voice commands are not picked up. To make your prototype listen, use the Listen response.

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In this example, tapping the oval shape activates listening to voice commands.

Continuous Listening

When you enable listening to voice commands in your prototype, the listening feature will automatically stop when no speech is detected. However, if you want to ensure that listening remains enabled even during moments of silence, you can check the Continuous option.

By checking the Continuous mode, your prototype will continue listening even when no voice commands are being picked up. This allows for a seamless user experience and eliminates interruptions caused by brief pauses. Prototypes can listen to voice commands continuously for up to 5 minutes.

When Continuous mode is checked, you will need a separate Listen response to explicitly stop listening.

Language Options

Use the Spoken Language menu to choose one of the 52 languages and language variants available.

Recording Voice Interactions in Preview

Record your prototype's media sounds and voice interactions by using an external microphone. Click the Settings icon in the Preview window and choose the desired audio input device.

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Voice Prototyping Masterclass

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