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Easily manage your responses in ProtoPie with the help of the timeline and valueline.

These visual tools provide a clear overview of your response parameters, including duration, start delay, and mapping range. Simply hover over a response in edit mode, and a range bar will appear, allowing you to easily modify these values by dragging. It's a convenient way to fine-tune your interactions.

ProtoPie’s timeline feature gives users granular control over game elements to achieve sequenced animations.

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Note that timelines and valuelines are not displayed for responses connected to continuous triggers, as these triggers are not mapped to specific time values.

If you want to learn more about how to manage timelines to add smoothness to your animations, join the Mobile Game prototyping masterclass.


The timeline provides a clear visual representation of a response's time, delay, and repeat settings.

With the timeline, you can quickly select and modify multiple responses simultaneously. For example, if you want to change the delay or duration of several responses at once, simply select them on the timeline and make the adjustments in one go.

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The valueline is a visual representation of a layer’s movement range, when its responses are linked to a Chain trigger.

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