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ProtoPie Ecosystem

To get the most out of ProtoPie, understand the different parts that make up the ProtoPie ecosystem.

The center of the ecosystem is ProtoPie Studio—the actual prototyping tool on macOS and Windows. With ProtoPie Player on iOS, iPadOS, and Android, test prototypes on any smart device. Share your prototypes with stakeholders using ProtoPie Cloud.

ProtoPie Studio

To make the actual prototypes, use the desktop app ProtoPie Studio, available on macOS and Windows.

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Learn more about the interface.

ProtoPie Player

To test prototypes on smart devices (smartphones & tablets), use ProtoPie Player on iOS, iPadOS, or Android.

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Learn more about ProtoPie Player.

ProtoPie Cloud

To share prototypes with stakeholders, upload your prototypes to the cloud. Anyone with whom you want to share your prototypes can get access and try them themselves.

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Learn more about ProtoPie Cloud.


The team features are part of ProtoPie Cloud and available in the Team and Enterprise plan. Share prototypes, team libraries, and interaction recordings as well as collaborate efficiently with your team and stakeholders.

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Learn more about the team features.

ProtoPie Enterprise

Your security is our top priority. Use all the ProtoPie Cloud and team features in a secure and scalable environment—a private cloud or on-premises server—just for your organization.

Learn more about ProtoPie Enterprise.

ProtoPie Connect

ProtoPie Connect is an exclusive extension app—an add-on to ProtoPie Enterprise. Run prototypes simultaneously across multiple devices, displays, and hardware with ProtoPie Connect being the glue that holds everything together. Ideally for organizations working in the automotive or connected hardware industries.

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Learn more about ProtoPie Connect.

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