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The ProtoPie Ecosystem

To get the most out of ProtoPie, it's important to have a comprehensive understanding of its ecosystem, including its four main components:

  • The magic starts inside ProtoPie Studio─the actual prototyping app for macOS and Windows computers.
  • ProtoPie Player allows you to test prototypes on any iOS, iPadOS & Android smartphone, or tablet display.
  • ProtoPie Cloud makes collaboration and sharing prototypes with stakeholders easy and fast.
  • And if you need to prototype more advanced connected experiences, upload it all to ProtoPie Connect.

ProtoPie Studio

Create the actual prototypes in the ProtoPie Studio desktop app, available for both macOS and Windows.

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Learn more about ProtoPie Studio's interface.

ProtoPie Player

Test your prototypes on real smart devices (smartphones & tablets) using the ProtoPie Player app for iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

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Learn more about ProtoPie Player.

ProtoPie Cloud

Upload your prototypes to ProtoPie Cloud to save them, utilize them for design hand-off, and share them with others. They can be opened and tested using any web browser.

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Learn more about ProtoPie Cloud.

Teams & Projects

The Pro and Enterprise plans give you access to collaborative features on ProtoPie Cloud, including team libraries and dev handoff with an unlimited number of interaction recordings.

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Learn more about our team features.

ProtoPie Enterprise

The Enterprise plan allows you to use all the cloud and team features in a secure and scalable environment—a private cloud or on-premises server—just for your organization.

Learn more about ProtoPie Enterprise.

ProtoPie Connect

ProtoPie Connect is an extension app available in the Pro and Enterprise plans. Prototype any real-world scenarios involving multiple devices, displays, hardware, and APIs seamlessly.

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Learn more about ProtoPie Connect.

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