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ProtoPie Connect Feature Comparison

ProtoPie Connect is available for all plans and comes in three different tiers:

  • Connect Enterprise
  • Connect Core
  • Connect Free

Below is a feature comparison table that highlights the differences between the different versions of Connect. For a more detailed feature breakdown, check out our pricing page.

FeaturesConnect FreeConnect CoreConnect Enterprise
Work with Cloud PiesYesYesYes
Work with Local PiesNoYesYes
Connect multiple Players2UnlimitedUnlimited
Custom Plugins and Bridge appsNoNoYes
API Plugin settings13Unlimited
Plugins running in parallel13Unlimited
Plugin run time3 minsUnlimitedUnlimited
Stage Views1UnlimitedUnlimited
Embed custom layers in Stage Views1 layer of Web Embed or Live CameraUnlimitedUnlimited
Embed Unity layers in Stage ViewsNo1Unlimited
ProtoPie Plugin for UnityNoNoYes
Smartwatch prototypingNoNoYes
Custom Fonts supportNoNoYes
Message Recording & PlaybackNoNoYes
Connect EmbeddedNoNoContact Sales
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