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Sharing Prototypes

Share your prototypes with anyone easily. Manage who can access a prototype and choose how to display a prototype when sharing.

Pair a prototype with interaction recordings for engineers to find all interaction specs needed for development.

Managing Access

When you share a prototype, allow or limit access to your prototype. Choose who can view and download a prototype. Click on the Share button in the upper-right area of the pie page to open these access settings.

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Allowing Anyone

Allow anyone who has the actual shareable link to view and/or download the prototype.

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Access Level

Select the level of access when sharing the link of your prototype.

Use the Can view prototypes only option for feedback and user testing purposes.

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Allowing Team Members

Team and Enterprise plan only.

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Allow team members to view and/or download the prototype uploaded to a public or private project in the team space. This means that anyone who's not a team member doesn't have access, even if they have the shareable link.

Password Protection

Allowing external access could be a matter for great concern. Enable password protection to externally share your prototypes securely.

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  1. Click on Share in the upper-right area of the pie page.
  2. Click on the section below the space owner name.
  3. Select Anyone with the link & password.
  4. Type in your preferred password.
  5. Click on Save.

Shareable Link Expiry

Enterprise plan only

Set an expiration for the shared link of your prototype. No-one will be able to access the link after it has expired.

Once you grant access to anyone, this option will become available. You can choose between 1 day, 3 days and 1 week.

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Managing Display Options

To share prototypes with different display options, customize these before sharing. A variety of display options are available. Click on the Gear icon and toggle any of the options as you see fit. Visually know at a glance how your prototype would appear to stakeholders.

After selecting the options you want to activate for your prototype's url, you can just copy the link (Copy Link under Share or directly from the address bar) and share it with your testers. When they'll open the link, they'll see the prototype with the display settings you activated.

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  • Original Size (100%): Select the original size of the prototype.
  • Scale to Fit: Scale the prototype to fit in the browser.
  • Hotspot Hints: Highlight the touchable areas.
  • Device Frame: Show the prototype in the device frame.
  • ProtoPie UI: Show ProtoPie Cloud's interface, such as the toolbar.
  • Cursor Type: Select touchpoint or arrow cursor.
  • Background: Set the background color.
  • Playback Speed: Set the playback speed.

Sharing Without Distractions

Let stakeholders focus on your prototype without any visual distractions. Enable Scale to Fit, and disable ProtoPie UI (and optionally Device Frame).

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Sharing With Hotspot Hints

Guide stakeholders throughout your prototype. Enable Hotspot Hints to highlight the touchable areas.

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Sharing for Usability Testing

It depends on how and where you doing (remote) usability testing. If you're testing on desktop, consider sharing your prototype without any visual distractions. Learn more about how to do this.

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If you're testing on mobile or tablet, we recommend using ProtoPie Player for your users to have the most realistic experience possible. Learn more about ProtoPie Player.

Sharing With Engineers

Pair a prototype with interaction recordings for engineers to find all interaction specs needed for development. We recommend sharing both the prototype and one or multiple interaction recordings. Click on the Record button to create interaction recordings for engineers to follow.

Learn more about interaction recordings.

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