Editors & Viewers

Team members can have either one of these roles: editor or viewer.

Viewers can access projects, view prototypes, and comment on prototypes. Editors can do what viewers can do as well as make prototypes in ProtoPie & upload them to the cloud, create & use team libraries, and create interaction recipes.

Create & manage projects
View prototypes
View interaction recipes
Leave comments on prototypes
Make & upload prototypesNo
Create & use team librariesNo
Create interaction recipesNo


If you are a member of a team, there are two different spaces.

Personal Space

Store your own prototypes in a space that's dedicated to you only. Manage your personal prototypes and personal libraries.

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Team Space

For each team you are a member of, there's a team space. For example, If you are a member of three teams, there would be three team spaces.

All your projects, either public or privately, and team libraries exist in the team space. Store your prototypes in a project for others to access. Learn more about projects.

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