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Team Owner & Team Admin

There are three member types: team owner, team admin, and member.

The team owner and team admins manage the team, the members, and roles. The only differences are that the team owner manages billing and can delete the team.

Other members, who are not the team owner or team admins, are "regular" members.

PrivilegesTeam OwnerTeam AdminMember
Manage BillingNoNo
Delete a teamNoNo
Manage a teamNo
Invite new membersYes, when self-service sign-up is enabledYes, when self-service sign-up is enabledNo
Assign team adminsNo
Assign rolesNo
Remove membersNo
Manage projectsDepends
Delete prototypes

Managing Members

Manage members in your Team Settings, under Members.

Inviting New Members

  1. Click on Invite New Member.
  2. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite.
  3. Click on Invite.
  4. If the invitee already has a ProtoPie account, they would become a member of the team right away. Otherwise, they would appear under Pending until they create a ProtoPie account by signing up.
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Changing Member Types

The team owner can assign team members as team admins by changing their member types. Team admins can also invite new members and manage the team. The only differences are that team admins cannot manage billing and delete the team.

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Assigning Roles

Both team owner and team admins can assign roles to members. Only editors can use ProtoPie Studio to make and upload prototypes. Learn more about editors & viewers.

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Removing Members

  1. Click on the overflow menu on the right of the member you want to remove.
  2. Click on Remove.
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Need to bring back removed members? Invite them in the same way as you would invite new members.

Managing the Team

Manage the team in your Team Settings, under Information. Change the team name and logo to your liking.

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Need to delete the team? After you removed all members from the team and canceled your Pro plan, click on Delete Team. Only the team owner can do this.

Managing Projects

Manage all public projects and private projects you are a member of. This means you can transfer the ownership to another member or archive the project.

Learn more about projects.

Delete Prototypes

Delete any prototype (made by others) in all public projects and private projects you are a member of.

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