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Speak Response

You can make a prototype "speak" by reading a text, either as-is or via a formula, out loud.


You can enter the text to be read out loud.

[object Object]

For example, once you tap the logo, the prototype would speak: "ProtoPie is the most intuitive way to prototype and perfect them".


To make your voice interaction more dynamic, you can use formulas as long as the used formula results in a text. Also, you can use the predefined variable $voiceTranscript that stores the last voice command.

Voice Options

You can customize the voice used by choosing a language, type of voice, speed, and pitch.


You can choose from 40 languages and language variants.

Voiced by

You can choose between a female and male voice per language.


You can adjust the speed by choosing a value between 0.5 and 2.


You can adjust the pitch by choosing a value between 0.5 and 2.

[object Object]

For example, once listening is enabled, the prototype would "speak" back to you by reading out loud whatever your incoming voice command was.

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