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Speak Response

The Speak response allows your prototype to "speak" by reading text aloud, as-is, or via a formula.


Enter the text that needs to be read out loud here.

[object Object]

In this example, tapping the logo triggers this speech: "ProtoPie is the most intuitive way to prototype and perfect them".


You can use formulas to create dynamic voice interactions, as long as the formula returns a text. Additionally, you can use the predefined variable $voiceTranscript, which stores the latest voice command.

Voice Options

You can customize the voice style by choosing a language, type of voice, speed, and pitch.


You can choose from 40 languages and language variants.

Voiced by

You can choose between a female or male voice per language.


You can adjust the speed by choosing a value between 0.5 and 2.


You can adjust the pitch angle by choosing a value between 0.5 and 2.

[object Object]

In this example, once listening is enabled, the prototype will start reading out loud whatever speech the incoming voice command contains.

Recording Voice Interactions in Preview

Record your prototype's media sounds and voice interactions by using an external microphone. Click the Settings icon in the Preview window and choose the desired audio input device.

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