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Projects help teams organize their prototypes in the cloud. Upload, store, and share your prototypes conveniently.

Projects are visible in your team space. At a glance, find what projects there are in your team and what team members work on.

There are two types of projects: public and private.

  • Public project
    • All team members have access.
    • Can be converted to a private project.
  • Private project
    • Project members only have access.
    • Cannot be converted to a public project.

Creating Projects

Any team member can create projects. However, only editors can upload prototypes to a project. Learn more about editors & viewers.

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  1. Click on Create Project in your team space.
  2. Select whether the project should be private or public. Remember that you cannot convert a private project into a public one.
  3. Enter a title and a brief description.
  4. Click on the Create button.

Managing Projects

Whoever creates the project becomes the project owner. The project owner manages the project settings. Think of changing the name and description, transferring ownership, and archiving the project. Only the project owner can convert a public project to a private one.

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Managing Members in a Private Project

Only dedicated members, so-called project members, have access to a private project. Add or remove members from a private project.

  1. Click on the + icon.
  2. Add or remove members.
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Active & Archived Projects

A project can have either one of the statuses: active or archived.

Active Projects

In the Active tab, find all projects that are active. Members can access prototypes in active projects and editors can upload prototypes to active projects.

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Archived Projects

Archive projects you don't need anymore. They would appear in the Archived tab. Nobody can access prototypes in archived projects and editors cannot upload prototypes to archived projects. Restore an archived project to make it active again.

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