Managing Interaction Libraries

Changing Name and Description

If you want to change the name or description of an interaction library, simply click on the overflow menu and View in Cloud button.

As the library owner, you can change the name and description of an interaction library by clicking on the settings icon in the top of the left panel in Cloud. You can also upload a library image.

Version History

You can see all previous versions by clicking on the Version History button in the left panel. The versions with the lightning icons are the ones that have been published and the ones without are the ones that have been saved but not published.

You can open any version by clicking on the overflow menu and Open in ProtoPie Studio button. You can make changes to the components inside the interaction library and publish your changes to the library as a new version.

In the same way, you can restore any previous version of an interaction library which then becomes the latest version.

Archiving an Interaction Library

To archive an interaction library, click on the settings icon in the left panel and find the Archive tab. When clicking on the Archive button, the library will be archived and moved to the Archived tab.

All archived interaction libraries reside in the Archive tab. You can click on the settings icon by hovering over a library card to find the option to restore the interaction library.

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