ProtoPie allows you to share your prototypes via the Web. You can create and share a link for your prototype, and you can also easily track different versions of your prototype online.

Get Started

To share your prototype online, save your prototype in ProtoPie Studio, and click on the Cloud button on the upper-right part. This will upload your prototype, and once the upload is complete, a link will be created. This link can be shared with other people. You can modify the settings for uploaded prototypes on the Dashboard.

cloud upload


The Dashboard is a place where you can maintain any prototypes you have uploaded and shared with others. You can modify any details related to the prototype, track previously saved versions and allow or forbid the downloading of your prototypes.

cloud dashboard

Downloadable option

When you share a prototype, you can allow or forbid the downloading of your prototype. Disabling the Downloadable setting will allow other users who receive a link to the prototype to only view the prototype, and they will not be able to save it locally.

cloud downloadable

Edit information

In the Dashboard, you can change the title and description of uploaded prototypes. The title and description are made visible to those who receive a link to an uploaded prototype.

cloud description

Version History

You can also track previous versions of your prototype from the Dashboard. You can copy the links of previously uploaded versions of a prototype or download previous versions from a certain version’s Share page.

cloud revision


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