Creating Interaction Recipes

An interaction recipe is a recorded scenario of interactions in a prototype demonstrating them contextually and how they have been intended. For each interaction, a recipe includes all the information an engineer needs to turn your interactions into actual production. Think of durations, delays, easings as well as layer properties, all accessible in a single overview.

Engineers can easily see the specs of each interaction, what an interaction is composed of, and interpret how an interaction is meant to be.

The person who uploaded the prototype to the cloud is the only one who can create interaction recipes for this prototype. Furthermore, you can create an unlimited number of interaction recipes.

Click on the + icon on the interaction recipes panel on the left side of your prototype in the cloud. Then you can start recording a scenario.

Once you click on the Record button at the bottom, interact with your prototype in the way intended. Everything you do in the prototype would be recorded.

To stop the recording and save the interaction recipe, click on the Stop button. Give it a name in the following window and click on the Save button.

If you click on the Discard button, it would reset the prototype and you could start another recording from scratch for a new interaction recipe.

Interaction recipes are only visible to your team members. If you want someone to see your interaction recipes, they would have to be invited to the team first with a viewer role at the very least.