ProtoPie Connect

  • I can't connect ProtoPie Player to ProtoPie Connect wirelessly. What to do?

    Here are some steps to help you troubleshoot connection issues between ProtoPie Player and ProtoPie Connect:

    • Ensure that your computer and smart device are connected to the same network and that the connection is stable.
    • Double-check that the IP address displayed in ProtoPie Connect on your computer matches the one shown in ProtoPie Player on your smart device (e.g.,

    If you're still unable to establish a connection between ProtoPie Player and ProtoPie Connect, it's possible that your network has specific security limitations or the IP addresses don't match, despite being on the same network.

    As an alternative, you can try using a different connection (e.g., mobile hotspot) or connect your prototypes using a USB cable instead.

  • Can I connect multiple Arduino devices through ProtoPie Connect?

    Our Arduino plugin in ProtoPie Connect only allows for the connection of one device at a time. However, if you are an Enterprise plan user, you can create bridge apps to connect multiple Arduino devices simultaneously.

  • Can I run prototypes on ProtoPie Connect remotely, outside of my LAN?

    Currently, we don’t provide this ability within the ProtoPie Connect app. However, you can use ngrok to bypass this limitation and allow others to test your Connect prototypes remotely in external network environments.

    Detailed guidelines on how to use ngrok with ProtoPie Connect can be found on this page.