Privacy & security

  • How secure is ProtoPie?

    ProtoPie is committed to protecting your data privacy and securing your most important information. As part of this commitment, ProtoPie is officially ISO 27001 & 27701 compliant. Furthermore, we offer ProtoPie Enterprise to organizations with high-security standards.

    Find an overview of some of our practices to keep your data private and work secure.

  • Does ProtoPie comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

    ProtoPie complies with the GDPR that went into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR gives citizens in the EU more control over their personal data. Regarding the personal data we collect, we are committed to the right to protect you as well as be transparent about why and how we store your personal data.

    Based on this data privacy regulation, we made the following changes in 2018:

    • An updated Privacy Policy that is more transparent.
    • An updated signup page.
    • The option to unsubscribe from all marketing communications at once in your account settings, under email notifications.
    • The option to delete your account in your account settings, under profile.

  • Does ProtoPie Enterprise offer Single Sign-On (SSO)?

    SSO is supported for companies on our Enterprise plan. The service admin is responsible for configuring SSO for the enterprise environment. With SSO, accounts can access the enterprise space through the chosen authentication solution (e.g. Okta, Auth0, OneLogin).

    These two SSO protocols are supported:

    • SAML 2.0
    • OpenID Connect (OIDC) – on top of OAuth 2.0

    Learn more about how to configure SSO in your enterprise environment.