We have compiled here questions frequently asked by our customers. If there is a question that hasn't been fully answered here, please check the Get Started page, or send an email to support@protopie.io.

Getting Started

What should I do if I want to see how a prototype created
with ProtoPie runs on a mobile device?

Go to the Downloads page for the links to ProtoPie Player for your device’s operating system. We have versions of ProtoPie Player for iOS and Android, and after installing it on your mobile device, visit the Get Started page for more information.

I cannot establish a USB connection. What’s wrong?

If you’re using an iPhone for prototyping, the USB cable may counterfeit or does not have Apple MFi certification. If not, an unstable physical connection may also affect the overall connection.

If you’re using an Android device, make sure that USB Debugging is enabled. For instructions on enabling USB Debugging, visit the Get Started page for more information.

Is there no support for animated GIFs?

Currently, there is no support for animated GIFs, but there is support for video files.

How do I import Sketch files? Do i need a plug-in?

No. ProtoPie supports the importing of Sketch files without any plug-ins. Visit the Get Started page for more information.

Is there a way to group layers in ProtoPie?

ProtoPie does not support any grouping features, but you can create a Container and place the layers you wish to group into the Container. You can manipulate the Container like how you’d manipulate a group.


How can I share pie files?

If the other party’s devices have ProtoPie Player installed on them, .pie files can be sent to them via email, instant messaging, or cloud services. (ProtoPie Player is unable to interact with Google Drive due to an issue in Google Drive of removing the extensions of shared files.)

How can I export pie files as animated GIFs or video files?

If you are a Mac and iPhone user, you can make a recording with QuickTime Player. Connect the iPhone with the prototype you wish to record to the Mac and run QuickTime Player. Select “New Movie Recording” from the File menu, and you can record the iPhone’s screen from there. There are plans to implement recording features within ProtoPie Player in the near future.


I lost access to the email address tied to ProtoPie.

Please email support@protopie.io for more information.

Can I change the email address tied to ProtoPie?

You can change your email address in the Profile page under the Account section. Upon saving changes, you will need to verify your revised email address.

If I change my email address tied to ProtoPie,
will I lose my license and purchase history?

No. You will still have a purchase history and a license even if you change your email address.

How can I erase my account?

Please email support@protopie.io for more information.

& License

Where can I see the licenses that I bought?

Single License
There aren’t any license keys if you purchased a single license as your license is immediately tied to your account. You can check the Account page in the ProtoPie website to find out more about your purchased licenses.
Volume License
You can check the License page under the Account section in the ProtoPie website for more information about volume licenses.

Am I unable to continue using ProtoPie if my license expires?

You will be entitled to free updates for one year from the point when a license is tied to your account. When this one year expires, you will be able to use the last updated version that you gained during the license period. You will need to purchase another license if you wish to continue receiving updates.

How many computers can I tie to one license?

You can tie two computers to one license. For example, you can use ProtoPie at home and at work with one license.

Are there any educational pricing or discounts?

In order to obtain 50% discount off the full price of a single license, submit a copy of your student ID card or some other document proving your status as a student and the duration of your studies to support@protopie.io

Where should I go if I want to obtain a purchase receipt?

You can obtain a PDF version of your receipt in the Orders page under the Account section.

Do you have volume purchase programs?

You can purchase a volume license at the Buy Now page. There are different discount rates based on the number of licenses being bought. Please email support@protopie.io for inquiries about site licenses.

I wish to become a ProtoPie reseller.

Please email support@protopie.io for more information.