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What’s New? Custom Easing Presets, Barcode Scanner & Much More

ProtoPie 7.8 comes jam-packed with exciting features to prototype faster, better, and with more fidelity.

Rebeca Caritas
Rebeca Caritas, Customer Success ManagerJuly 3, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of ProtoPie's newest features, designed to enhance your prototyping experience, and empower you to create even more interactive and dynamic prototypes. With the latest update, ProtoPie introduces custom easing presets, barcode scanner, a revamped Learn tab, the ability to record audio in the preview window, and more.

Let's dive into the details of these exciting additions.

Custom fonts for ProtoPie Enterprise

ProtoPie understands the importance of consistent font display in prototypes, which is why we're excited to introduce the highly anticipated custom fonts feature. Gone are the days of worrying about stakeholders needing to install specific fonts before reviewing your prototypes.

ProtoPie Enterprise plan users now can share their Pies throughout the entire ProtoPie ecosystem, knowing that fonts will display as expected.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that Google fonts will be available to Pro & Enterprise plan users late 2023.

Read more about this Enterprise-only feature.

Personalize your motion: Custom easing presets

ProtoPie is taking easing presets a step further by introducing the possibility to customize them. This allows you to save & reuse custom easing without having to set them from scratch every time.

Also, you can easily export and import customized easing presets, enabling seamless collaboration with your team or ensuring continuity when switching devices.

How to customize easing presets

  1. Select a standard easing option from the provided list.
  2. Click the + icon to create a new easing preset.
  3. Adjust the duration and default values by entering new values or manipulating the control points.
  4. Double-click above the input area to assign a name to your custom easing preset.
  5. The newly created easing preset will be saved in the custom easing list for future use.

Importing and exporting custom easing presets

Once you've created a custom easing preset, you have the option to export it as a .json file. This file would contain all your custom easing presets.

This way, you can share your custom easing presets with others, or retain them for future projects especially if you switch computers.

customize easing presets in ProtoPie
Effortlessly customize, save, and share easing presets within your team.

Introducing the barcode scanner

We expanded the scanner feature, previously limited to QR codes only, to supporting barcodes.

It’s possible to scan both QR codes and barcodes directly within your prototype. Supported barcode subtypes include CODE39, CODE128, EAN13_UPCA, EAN8, and UPCE, in addition to QR codes.

Enhance the interactivity of your prototypes by incorporating barcode-enabled interactions. Thanks to the new barcode scanner in ProtoPie 7.8, you can bring your designs to life with real barcode scanning capabilities. For instance, you can scan a barcode to retrieve a product's full description.

Utilize your smart device's native camera as a layer within your prototype, enabling seamless scanning of QR codes and barcodes.

How to enable the barcode scanner

  1. Activate the QR & Barcode scanner option within either the Camera layer or Camera response.
  2. Select "Keep Tracking" from the available options.

Using “keep tracking”

By utilizing the "Keep Tracking" option, you can retrieve the values stored within QR codes and barcodes. This includes the ability to store barcode values in predefined variables to be used in dynamic interactions using formulas.

Below is a list of newly supported predefined variables specifically designed for barcode tracking:

  • $barcodeX
  • $barcodeY
  • $barcodeHeight
  • $barcodeValue
  • $barcodeWidth

For more information, refer to the documentation on predefined variables and their usage in formulas.

Amazon Delivery demo using the new Barcode scanner feature.

Try out this Pie yourself:

For an enhanced user experience, we recommend utilizing ProtoPie Connect to fully explore and enjoy this new feature.

Audio recording in the preview window

Our latest release introduces a seamless solution by enabling audio recording directly within the preview window. You will no longer need external tools to record audio in your prototypes. Now you can effortlessly include sound from media files, e.g., audio & video, and even audio input using a microphone.

During the preview, users have the flexibility to select a microphone for audio input. By choosing an audio input device, ProtoPie records both the audio from a prototype and audio from an input device simultaneously.

This feature comes in handy when you're showcasing your prototypes to stakeholders. If you need to explain certain interactions with narration, you can do it all in one go hassle-free.

audio recording in preview mode.
Maximize the impact of your prototype's presentation.

Enhanced learning experience: The new Learn tab

At ProtoPie, we understand that mastering a powerful high-fidelity prototyping tool can be challenging. That's why we continuously strive to provide our users with effective resources to enhance their prototyping skills efficiently and effortlessly.

We’d like to introduce the revamped Learn tab in ProtoPie Studio, where we have consolidated all the best learning materials for ProtoPie. Once you log in, you'll gain access to a wealth of valuable resources, including example prototypes, interaction templates, courses, videos, and more, to kickstart your prototyping journey.

Discover the resources that best cater to your needs and embark on an enriching ProtoPie experience. Furthermore, you can directly access our free learning platform, ProtoPie School, where you'll have the opportunity to learn from industry experts in the field of prototyping. Upon completion of the course, you will also receive a valuable certification, validating your newfound expertise.

Enhanced learn tab
All the learning resources in one space inside Studio.

Handoff in ProtoPie Studio

We recognize the significance of smooth interaction handoff in your workflow here at ProtoPie. That's why we are dedicated to making this process effortless and efficient. With ProtoPie’s handoff feature directly visible within ProtoPie Studio, we want all ProtoPie users to bridge the gap between themselves & developers.

To streamline the sharing of your prototypes and their interaction specs, we placed the Handoff button in the upper right corner. This intuitive placement ensures easy access, allowing you to initiate the interaction recording process right away.

handoff inside studio
ProtoPie's handoff feature now inside Studio.

Elevate your designs with ProtoPie’s powerful prototyping capabilities

ProtoPie is the ultimate tool that will propel your prototypes to new heights. Unleash the potential of your designs by incorporating real interactions that will leave stakeholders and viewers in awe.

Experience the cutting-edge features of ProtoPie by trying it for free today.