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ProtoPie School : Free ProtoPie Courses For All Levels

Start your learning journey with ProtoPie School. Find great video tutorials and training resources to help you get started!

Patricia Franciskovic
Patricia Franciskovic, Customer Success ManagerLast updated on November 16, 2022
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We have great news for those of you who are learning ProtoPie. ProtoPie School is now live on our website!

Together with our tutorials and tips & tricks, ProtoPie School elevates your learning journey thanks to free, easy-to-follow courses for all levels - from beginner to advanced.

We designed this learning platform to give users a more user-friendly, self-paced learning experience, from the basics to our most advanced features. Each course is divided into micro lessons with video tutorials recorded by our ProtoPie experts. All courses include e-books and a wrap-up session, to help you revise and test yourself.

ProtoPie School soft launched this month with two free courses: ProtoPie 101 and Connect Course. More lessons and courses will come, so stay tuned!

Below is a preview of what each available course dives into.

ProtoPie 101

ProtoPie 101 Course

1. Introduction to ProtoPie

  • ProtoPie's Conceptual Model
  • Importing your Design
  • Your First Interaction
  • Test & Share
  • Collaborate with Your Team

2. Making Micro-interactions

  • Screen Transitions
  • Scrolling & Paging
  • Constraints
  • Three Ways to Make a Slide Menu

3. Working with Native Sensors

  • Installing the ProtoPie Player App
  • Working with Your Phone's Camera
  • Using the Mobile Keyboard
  • Easy as Pie Voice Interaction

4. Making Conditional Interactions

  • Password Validation Using Conditionals
  • Navigation Aid Using Chain
  • Auto-Play Video Carousel Using Range

5. ProtoPie's Most Advanced Features

  • Intro to Variables and Formulas
  • Variables and Formulas In-Depth
  • Components
  • Send & Receive
  • True Multi-Screen Experience

Connect Course

ProtoPie Connect course

1. Using Send & Receive to Make Multiple Pies Talk to Each Other

  • Video Tutorial: A Tale of Two Pies
  • Video Tutorial: Now with Connect!

2. Your First Integration with IFTTT

  • Video Tutorial: ProtoPie Connect + IFTTT

3. Arduino (1/2): Connecting with Blokdots

  • Step By Step: Wiring your Circuit
  • Video Tutorial: ProtoPie Connect + Blokdots

4. Arduino (2/2): Roll Your Own Sketch Code

  • Video Tutorial: ProtoPie Connect + Arduino

5. Creating A Dashboard Experience with the Logitech G29 Steering Wheel

  • Video Tutorial: ProtoPie Connect + G29

6. Your First Bridge App - Provide Date, Time, and Current Weather Conditions to your Pie

  • Video Tutorial: Your First Bridge App

7. Advanced Bridge App - Connect to Your Smart Home

  • Video Tutorial: A More Advanced Bridge App