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How to Use Variables In ProtoPie

ProtoPie expert Abhas Sinha shares his best practices on using variables in ProtoPie.

ProtoPieDecember 21, 2022
ask protopie session about using variables in protopie

In this Ask ProtoPie session Abhas Sinha, Senior Designer at Microsoft and ProtoPie Expert, guides us through one of ProtoPie's most popular and powerful features, Variables. With a little bit of help using Formulas, see how easily you can create dynamic interactions for your prototypes.

What you'll learn

  1. What is a 'Variable' in ProtoPie?
  2. Variables vs. formulas
  3. Basic and advanced applications of variables
  4. Predefined variables

Download the Pie files used:

Monument Valley game prototype by Abhas Sinha.
Monument Valley game prototype by Abhas Sinha.

You can watch the full recording below. Enjoy!

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