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How to Use Formulas In ProtoPie

ProtoPie Expert Jeff Clarke shares his best practices on using formulas in ProtoPie.

ProtoPieDecember 21, 2022
ask protopie session about using formulas in protopie

This Ask ProtoPie session is all about Formulas in ProtoPie. Create interactions in a money transfer app and learn the best tips & tricks for manipulating information to supercharge your prototypes!

What you’ll learn

  1. Easy vs. complex formulas
  2. How to use toLayerX and toLayerY
  3. Resizing objects based on formulas
  4. Money transfer app tutorial
  5. And more

At the end of the Money transfer app tutorial, you’ll be able to make something like this.

Money transfer app by ProtoPie Expert Jeff Clarke.
Money transfer app by ProtoPie Expert Jeff Clarke.

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Formulas - Getting started.