• Version 3.7

    Released 23 Jan, 2018

    Update features an integration with Adobe XD CC on MacOS allowing importing and re-importing designs from Adobe XD.

    New Features
    • Import and re-import designs from Adobe XD CC (macOS only)
    • Add background color property to Scene
    • Improve re-import options for grouped layers
  • Version 3.6

    Released 15 Dec, 2017

    Update features support for the iPhone X, the option to record the Preview Window and more control over the Canvas Panel and Layer Panel.

    New Features
    • iPhone X and Pixel 2 support
    • Recording Preview Window and export as mp4
    • Endless Repeat option
    • Stop Response
    • Zoom in/out via Trackpad
    • Shortcut for disabling/enabling smart guide
    • Shortcut for resizing layers with center pivot
    • Ability to lock layers
    • Unfold all sublayers using Option or Alt key
    • Unfold all layers simultaneously
    • Unfold container temporarily while selecting a sublayer
    • Radius property to Condition Trigger
    • Menus for Align and Distribute
    • Scroll property for Scroll and Paging Container
    • Shortcut for duplicating layers:
    • Shortcut for dragging layers perpendicularly
    • Improved UI for Device Select Window
    • Improved UI and functionalities for Preview Window
    • Update positions of layers automatically while assigning or unassigning to Container
  • Version 3.5

    Released 25 Sep, 2017

    Update features an improved seamless Sketch import feature and introduces a resizable Preview Window.

    New Features
    • Resizable preview window
    • Support Landscape mode on ProtoPie Player (requires 3.5.0 update from App Store or Google Play)
    • Presentation mode in Cloud
    • Added Z axis for Tilt trigger
    • Open and close container: Command + [ , Command+ ]
    • Rename: Command + R
    • Edit text: Command + enter
    • Upload to cloud: Command + U
    • Improved Sketch import avoiding any distortion for shadow and text layers
    • Enhanced layer select method on the canvas panel
    • Allows QR code pairing to connect Studio and Player automatically
    • Supports shortcuts for collapsing and expanding of Containers/Triggers, renaming and uploading Pies to the cloud
    • Improved user interface and flow for Scene selection
    • Revamped user interface of cloud dashboard and upload
  • Version 3.4

    Released 24 Jul, 2017

    The update features support for proximity sensor and vibration motors as well as notifying in case of invalid interactions.

    New Features
    • Welcome page with sample prototypes and tutorials
    • Support more sensors such as proximity sensors and vibration motor
    • Mouse over/out triggers for web prototyping
    • Collapse/expand interaction sets
    • Show/hide layer and interaction panels
    • Group layers and select layers at once
    • Sharing prototypes more easily via QR
    • Notify invalid interactions
    • Overscroll option to select iOS or Android
    • More option to setup behaviors while transiting across scenes
    • Update check menu
    • (3.3.1) Fixed the canvas size information for iPhone 7 Plus
  • Version 3.3.1

    Released 19 May, 2017

    Update features option to share prototypes via URLs that can be run in any web browser.

    New Features
    • Added Cloud allowing to share prototypes via links and to manage the version history
    • Added Text layer and its interactions
    • Changed into the new look of user interface
    • Improved the loading performance while switching scenes
    • Tuned up method of selecting layers to allow drag-select on the canvas panel
    • (3.3.1) Fixed the canvas size information for iPhone 7 Plus
  • Version 3.2.0

    Released 28 February, 2017

    Update features image replace and scene copy and paste.

    New Features
    • Replace image layers
    • Copy and paste scenes across files
    • Open recent files
    • Rename Interaction Pieces' names
    • Keyboard shortcuts for panning and zooming canvas panel
    • Spinner interface to adjust values on the property panel
    • Rebuilt Sketch Import feature
    • Enhanced Preview's performance and interactions
    • Improved usability and fixed minor bugs
    • Fixed window control bug
    • Fixed dialog bug
  • Version 3.1.0

    Released 6 February, 2017

    Update features minor bug fixes and inclusion of video layer and layer align features.

    New Features
    • Able to add Video layers and play them
    • Able to scale layers by factor
    • Able to align and distribute layers on the canvas panel
    • Possible to copy and paste images from other graphic tools through clipboard
    • Support Slide out transition among scenes
    • Changed the short cut key for multi-selection from Command to Shift
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • Version 3.0.0

    Released 5 January, 2017

    Official version of ProtoPie released with under-the-hood improvements, including desktop preview.

    New Features
    • The Official version, v.3.0 Donut
    • Offers PREVIEW on the desktop
    • Generates intuitive default names for layers
    • Improved the discard process while quitting
    • Fixed minor bugs and improved the performance