Brand Assets

Get our official brand assets and guidelines.

  • White horizontal logo

    White horizontal logo

  • White vertical logo

    White vertical logo

  • Symbol


  • Black horizontal logo

    Black horizontal logo

  • Black vertical logo

    Black vertical logo

  • Wordmark


Brand Guidelines

We would like our brand to look the same everywhere.
The guidelines below help you on
how you can use our brand and assets.

  • Wordmark


    The ProtoPie wordmark must be written with the two "P" letters in uppercase while the other letters are lowercase.

  • Brand Color

    Brand Color

    Our main color is ProtoPie Coral. Use #FF6661 or RGB(255, 102, 97) for digital materials. Use CMYK(0, 65, 50, 0) or Pantone 2346C for printed materials.

  • Spacing & Size

    Spacing & Size

    Leave sufficient space around the logo equal to the size of the letter "o" in "ProtoPie". The minimum height of the logo is 32 px for digital and 1 cm for print.

  • Partnership Lockup

    Partnership Lockup

    When forming a partnership lockup, use twice the height of ProtoPie's wordmark between the ProtoPie logo, wordmark, or symbol and the partner logo, wordmark, or symbol while placing an interpunct in the middle.


Do not alter the shape, proportion, color or orientation of the symbol.

  • Right case
  • Wrong case
  • Wrong case
  • Wrong case
  • Wrong case