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API Plugin Launch Event

Get up to speed on the insights from the API Plugin launch event.

ProtoPieSeptember 27, 2023
API Plugin Launch Event

On September 19th, we had the pleasure of hosting the "Designing with Real Data in ProtoPie: A Deep Dive into the API Plugin" event. We took our audience on an exhilarating journey through our latest innovation, the API plugin, in an exclusive webinar.

If you couldn't make it or want to revisit the insightful content shared during the event, you can catch up by watching the recording below.

Designing with Real Data in ProtoPie: A Deep Dive into the API Plugin

By clicking the link above, you can catch up on all the exciting details:

⚑ Introduction to the API Plugin: Discover the key features and benefits of the API plugin, and learn how it seamlessly integrates into your design workflow.

⚑ API Plugin Live Demos: See real-world examples that showcase how the API plugin can supercharge your design process.

⚑ Live Q&A Session: Revisit the engaging Q&A session where our experts answered your questions and provided valuable insights on using the API plugin effectively.

API Plugin How-To Tutorials

Explore these two tutorials to uncover the API plugin's core features and advantages, as well as to understand its effortless integration into your design workflow.

πŸ”Œ API Plugin Tutorial for Beginners

⚑ API Plugin Advanced Tutorial

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