Online Workshop 2 min read

[Webinar] The Future of Prototyping I | ProtoPie Connect Live Demo

Learn how ProtoPie empowers you to fully embrace the connected future by allowing you to seamlessly integrate software and hardware in your prototyping experience.

[Webinar] The Future of Prototyping I - ProtoPie Connect Live Demo

ProtoPie helps designers effortlessly turn interaction design ideas into high-quality, ultra-realistic prototypes.

Watch our latest webinar to learn what makes ProtoPie the perfect tool for software hardware integration for a wide range of digital prototyping needs, such as mobile, desktop, web, and IoT.

What you’ll learn

  • What the ProtoPie ecosystem consists of and how designers bring their ideas to life with ProtoPie.
  • A sneak peek into ProtoPie’s product and strategy roadmap.
  • How to create realistic multi-screen automotive experiences with ProtoPie Connect and the Logitech G29 Steering Wheel plugin (live demo).
  • How to create a cross device interaction with ProtoPie Connect and Oculus Quest.

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