Team plan

Take your team to the next level. Perfect for collaborative projects.

The tools your team need to succeed

Our Team plan is built with efficient collaboration and communication in mind. Bring out the best in each other to produce amazing results.

Team space

Add team members and create a cloud collaboration space.

Instant feedback

Provide instant feedback to speed up your team’s decision-making process. Communicate like never before.

Manage version histories

See how your prototype has progressed over time. If you need to, you can even return to a previous version of your prototype.

Access control

Have complete control over which team members can access certain projects.

Unlimited viewers

Invite an unlimited amount of people to view your prototype. Perfect if you’re dealing with a large number of stakeholders.

Unlimited projects

Create as many projects as you wish. There should be no cap on creativity.

Interaction recipes

Effortlessly communicate your precise design intentions and interaction spec with your team.

Interaction libraries

Create team-wide libraries of dynamic interactions, ensuring consistency throughout the entire product experience.

Trusted by the world's best teams

Eduardo Sonnino,Senior Designer, Microsoft

"We’ve tried countless prototyping tools and ProtoPie is hands down the most flexible and powerful tool that fits perfectly into any team’s workflow. No matter which tools or platform are being used, we can import our design assets in seconds and make awesome code-free prototypes in minutes."

Top features

The secret to creating realistic prototypes? Fantastic features with endless functionality. Easy to use, hard not to love.

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We’ll always be on hand to help you out with any troubleshooting issues or queries. With our Team plan, you also have access to our premium online workshops and priority support features.

Online workshops

You’ll join online workshops with your team to answer all your questions.

Email support

Got a question? Fill in the support form. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.


Is there a trial for the Team plan?

There is no free trial for the Team plan. However, you can try out ProtoPie using the 30-day free trial for the Individual plan instead.

Contact us if you are interested in subscribing to the Team plan but you need additional information or a demo.

What exactly is the difference between viewers and editors?

Team owners and admins can invite new members to the Team plan as editors and viewers.

Editors have full rights to use ProtoPie Studio to create, edit and upload prototypes to the team space, whereas viewers can only view the prototypes in the team space and leave comments.

Can I increase or decrease the number of editor seats?

A team owner can add or remove editor seats in their team settings, under plan. Click on Manage Editor Seats to increase or decrease the number of editor seats.

Log in with your ProtoPie account on our website and select your team from the dropdown menu in the top left corner.


Contact us if you need assistance.

Do I need to pay for team members who don't prototype?

No, you don't need to! You would be charged for the number of editor seats you need only. Team owners and admins can invite as many viewers as they wish without any additional charge.

Viewers can view prototypes and leave comments, but they cannot use ProtoPie Studio to create, edit or upload prototypes.

Is commenting available for viewers as well?

Members joining a Team plan as viewers can also leave comments on the prototypes uploaded by editors.

Is there any storage limitation?

There is no storage limitation for the Team plan.

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