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Robotics UX Prototyping at Meta

Learn how Meta stays ahead in designing user experiences for robotics by using ProtoPie.

ProtoPieDecember 20, 2023
profile picture of meta webinar speaker ryan olson

During the last webinar of 2023, we wrapped up the season with an exciting collaboration between ProtoPie and Meta. The session's main focus was to explore how Meta uses ProtoPie to maintain an edge in UX prototyping within the ever-changing field of robotics.

The webinar featured Ryan Olson, a product design engineer on Meta’s IDC Robotics team. Ryan shared valuable insights into the nuances of UI prototyping for robotics within the Meta ecosystem.

If you missed the live session, you can watch the recording. Dive into the discussion to learn how Meta continues to push the boundaries of UX prototyping using ProtoPie in the dynamic realm of robotics.

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