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Revolutionizing Robotics & MedTech with ProtoPie

Explore our journey designing a cutting-edge robot arm and the endless possibilities it unlocks for MedTech and Robotics.

ProtoPieNovember 1, 2023
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In our exclusive Robotics & MedTech webinar, we explored how ProtoPie is transforming these industries. Watch the recording below to see how we designed and rigorously tested an advanced robot arm using ProtoPie, unlocking a world of possibilities for Robotics & MedTech companies.

Revolutionizing Robotics & MedTech with ProtoPie: From Concept to Reality

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  • ProtoPie's Impact on Robotics & MedTech: Explore how ProtoPie shapes the landscape of Robotics & MedTech, addressing UX/UI challenges and showcasing real-world applications in these industries.
  • Robot Arm Live Demo: Observe a live demonstration of an advanced robot arm and uncover how ProtoPie streamlines the design process while gaining insights into industry best practices for efficient prototyping.
  • Live Q&A Session: Join Tony Kim, CEO and Co-founder at ProtoPie, as he answers questions from the audience.

Tutorial: How to Prototype for Robotics

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create your own robotics prototype using ProtoPie.

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