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4 Reasons to Integrate RemotiveLabs and ProtoPie

Revolutionize automotive prototyping with this powerful integration.

Carin Lagerstedt
Carin Lagerstedt, Chief Marketing Officer at RemotiveLabsJuly 10, 2024
automotive prototyping with ProtoPie and RemotiveLabs

Integrating RemotiveLabs with ProtoPie can transform your approach to automotive prototyping. This powerful pairing enhances developer tools, speeds up testing, and ensures user-centric designs.

Curious about how this can streamline your workflow and boost collaboration? Explore the top four reasons why this integration is a game-changer for the automotive industry.


Why is prototyping important for infotainment development & validation?

In the fast-paced world of automotive innovation, effective prototyping is crucial for crafting user-centric and engaging in-car experiences. However, UX and UI designers often face challenges when testing and validating concepts due to the lack of real-world vehicle data and limited hardware availability.

This is where ProtoPie and RemotiveLabs come in, offering an open platform that allows designers to easily feed real vehicle data into their prototypes and interact with them in real time.

Validation of the AMG Instrument Cluster concept in ProtoPie, with live data from a vehicle fed to ProtoPie using RemotiveBroker.

Automotive infotainment prototyping insights

Importance of user experience:

  • 85% of automotive industry executives believe that user experience is crucial for competitive differentiation in the infotainment space (source: Strategy Analytics, "Infotainment: The Digital Driver," 2020)

Use of digital tools:

  • 70% of automotive infotainment systems will be developed using digital prototyping tools by 2023 (source: Gartner)

Cost of recall:

  • The average cost of a recall for an infotainment system defect is $1.2 million (source: edmunds)

Market growth:

  • The vehicle infotainment market is predicted to grow to $432.8 billion by 2025 (source: Juniper Research, "In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems: Forecasting 2020-2025," 2020).
  • Automotive infotainment systems will reach $230 billion by 2026 (source: ABI Research).

4 reasons to integrate RemotiveLabs with ProtoPie

Boram (Luke) Han, Product Manager at ProtoPie
Reason 1 to integrate ProtoPie and RemotiveLabs

UX and UI designers using digital prototyping tools often struggle with testing and concept validation due to a lack of real-world vehicle data. Mock data is often inefficient and even irrelevant, leading to prototypes that don't accurately reflect the real-world experience. Using real vehicle data from different types of drives via the RemotiveLabs Platform ensures that your prototypes are more realistic and user-friendly.

Harness the power of recorded drive cycles (a few sample recordings are available if you sign up for the free plan, plus you can upload a recording of your own), to make your prototypes come to life.

RemotiveLabs car dashboard
Stream, read, and write signals seamlessly into your advanced prototypes in ProtoPie using vehicle recordings in RemotiveCloud.

Reason 2 to integrate ProtoPie and RemotiveLabs

New digital prototypes are best validated (and even signed off by management) if they can be demoed and experienced live in a vehicle. The core of the RemotiveLabs platform, the RemotiveBroker, allows you to connect directly to the vehicle so that you can experience your prototypes in a live setting by simply changing a URL.

Develop more relevant automotive prototypes faster and try them out easily!

ProtoPie and RemotievLabs prototype testing
Experience your prototypes live in a vehicle the same day you designed it using the RemotiveLabs platform and the ProtoPie bridge app. 

Reason 3 to integrate ProtoPie and RemotiveLabs

The RemotiveBroker can act as middleware and allow you to interact with the vehicle using virtual buttons to control things such as climate, windows, lights, etc. The setup to modify specific signals in the vehicle network uses the RemotiveLabs ECU Framework connected to the physical vehicle data buses and a simple bridge app.

Reason 4 to integrate ProtoPie and RemotiveLabs

RemotiveLabs' tooling facilitates seamless collaboration among designers, engineers, and other stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is working with the same, up-to-date data. Make use of the signals in your preferred language (Python, Rust, C++, etc) and use LUA scripting to transform signals to produce abstraction layers in the expected format (such as VSS and Android).

By bringing consistency across teams, you can eliminate the need for physical test cars. You can work through RemotiveCloud or RemotiveCLI; for more information check the manuals here.

RemotiveBroker infotainment system
With a RemotiveBroker between ProtoPie and the vehicle, the digital controls in the infotainment system will be able to change the behavior of the vehicle during prototyping.

Revolutionize your automotive design with ProtoPie!

Automotive prototyping plays a crucial role in the development and advancement of the automotive industry. By harnessing ProtoPie's capabilities, companies can significantly reduce development time, improve collaboration between design and engineering teams, and ultimately deliver cutting-edge vehicles that resonate with customers.

Book a demo today to figure out how we can help you succeed.

About RemotiveLabs

RemotiveCloud is a cloud-based platform that provides the ability to share vehicle data easily, transforming both live and recorded sessions, ensuring consistency across teams, and reducing the need for physical test vehicles. Additionally, their RemotiveBroker connects directly to the vehicle, allowing you to experience your prototypes in a live setting by only changing a URL.

Get started with real vehicle data in a couple of minutes by signing up to our free plan. Get a sense of the platform by experimenting with signals from sample recordings of real vehicle data, included in the free plan.

RemotiveLabs offers modern, lightweight, and flexible tooling for automotive software engineers and development teams. By connecting RemotiveLabs to digital prototyping tools like ProtoPie, UX designers and developers can leverage real vehicle data for authentic and high-fidelity prototyping. Visit this guide for full details on how and why you should integrate RemotiveLabs into your ProtoPie workflow.