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How to Use Conditions In ProtoPie

ProtoPie Expert Jeff Clarke shares best practices on how to use conditions and create logic-empowered animations in ProtoPie

ProtoPieDecember 21, 2022
ask protopie session about using conditions in protopie

Conditional triggers activate interactions based on specific conditions; for example, when a prototype is run, a certain string of text is received or a layer is moved to a specific location. In ProtoPie, conditions activate responses based on the following requirements: chain, range, start, and detect. This Ask ProtoPie session focuses on how to use conditions to create logic-empowered animations in ProtoPie.

Toggle button using an if/then conditional statement.
Toggle button using an if/then conditional statement.

What you’ll learn

  1. What is a ‘Condition’ in ProtoPie?
  2. Demo 1: How to animate Toggle Button States with Conditions in ProtoPie
  3. Demo 2: How to animate a Field Validation with Conditions in ProtoPie
  4. Demo 3: How to pause and resume Videos with Variables and Conditions in ProtoPie

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Conditions - Getting started.