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ProtoPie Plugin for Figma: A Seamless Workflow to Boost Productivity

A far better Figma import for ProtoPie. Lightning speed and flexibility at your fingertips.

Fredo Tan
Fredo Tan, Head of GrowthDecember 21, 2020
ProtoPie plugin for Figma thumbnail

We are beyond excited that today we can finally introduce the ProtoPie plugin for Figma—a far better Figma import for ProtoPie.

The introduction of this plugin goes hand-in-hand with the ProtoPie 5.2 release.

ProtoPie plugins for Adobe XD and Sketch are coming soon.

Figma + ProtoPie workflow is essential

A lot of you have been using the Figma integration we introduced in early 2019. Many designers, since then, rely on a Figma + ProtoPie workflow on a daily basis—designing, prototyping, iterating, and anything in between.

As this workflow became essential for many rapidly, we received tons of feedback on how we could make this particular workflow better.

Figma import canny request
A better Figma import was one of the top feature requests.

Quickly we realized that we needed to provide a better workflow in which designers can merely focus on what they need ProtoPie for: making realistic, highly interactive prototypes.

So, we decided to build something new, entirely from scratch.

ProtoPie plugin for Figma

The new import experience is completely different from the previous one, which we now call the legacy Figma import.

Protopie plugin for Figma gif
ProtoPie plugin for Figma: a revamped import experience to boost productivity.

With the new ProtoPie plugin for Figma, you have lightning speed and flexibility at your fingertips. Import your designs from Figma into ProtoPie, all done locally—without any latency.

extended ProtoPie plugin for Figma gif
Control what you import. At lightning speed.

Control what you import. Import top-level frames as scenes, and objects with the same layer hierarchy, positioning, and constraints as in Figma.

The ProtoPie plugin for Figma requires ProtoPie 5.2 or higher.

Differences with the legacy Figma import?

Spend less time on bringing your designs from Figma into ProtoPie. With the new plugin, you save time and can spend more time on prototyping.

legacy Figma import vs new
The legacy Figma import on the left, the new ProtoPie plugin for Figma on the right.
  • Import one or multiple frames and objects.
  • Import top-level frames as scenes.
  • Import what you selected.
  • Import vector layers as SVG.
  • Import text layers as SVG that can be converted to text layers.
  • Import constraints as constraints.

Learn more about the ProtoPie plugin for Figma.

Why Figma + ProtoPie?

Figma plus ProtoPie logo
Figma plus ProtoPie logo

ProtoPie is the tool that helps you to bring your Figma designs to life, indistinguishable from the end product.

It’s simply a matter of adding powerful interactions to your designs. Think of dynamic interactions involving conditions, formulas, and variables. Add another level of realism by including text input, camera, voice, media playback to your prototypes. Or even make prototypes that can communicate with each other. The possibilities are endless.

New to ProtoPie?

Try the ProtoPie plugin for Figma with this example file.

Our journey of revamping the Figma import

ProtoPie journey of Figma import event by David Lee
ProtoPie journey of Figma import event

Check out our event where our Head of Product Design, David Lee shared about the journey of how we revamped the Figma import experience

ProtoPie 5.2—Other features and improvements

  • Single sign-on (SSO) for ProtoPie Enterprise
  • Auto line height
  • Duplicate with same distance
  • App icon for macOS Big Sur
  • Trigger & response names for voice prototyping