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Our Industry Solutions enable connections across multiple screens and hardware. Create hyper-realistic prototypes that will convince stakeholders and delight your end-users.

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Who is it for?


Industry Solution consists of the Enterprise plan and ProtoPie Connect. ProtoPie Connect is a flexible add-on feature that connects your prototype to hardware, so it's perfect for enterprise users who require hardware and API integration.

It's worth highlighting that any platform or app supporting Socket.IO can communicate with ProtoPie Connect.

Use cases across industries

Our Industry Solutions package is helping organizations across a range of industries, taking their prototyping to the next level.

How it works

For connection across multiple screens and custom hardware, you will need to combine ProtoPie Connect and a bridge app. Check out our GitHub repository for examples of potential bridge apps to help you get started, including the Logitech G29. See bridge app examples on Github

Let’s take an example from the automotive industry to explain how it works.

How It WorksHow It Works
  1. If you want to cancel autopilot mode, turn your car's steering wheel.

  2. This then sends a variety of signals to the laptop that is running ProtoPie Connect.

  3. To communicate with ProtoPie Connect, however, Socket.IO needs to be supported. This is where the bridge app comes in, acting like a translator and interpreting the signals it receives.

  4. Content appears dynamically on the car's display (or on an iPad display in testing environments.)

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