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The ideal choice for freelancers or independent designers who are serious about interactive prototyping.

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The secret to creating realistic prototypes? Fantastic features with endless functionality. Easy to use, hard not to love.

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Prototyping for sound control in ProtoPie Studio
Prototyping for sound control in ProtoPie Studio

ProtoPie Studio

Your digital playground. Create your prototypes from scratch, and once you’re finished, just click ‘Preview’ to see how they look.

Prototyping transaction in ProtoPie Player

ProtoPie Player

The testing ground. See how your prototypes really look on smartphones, and tablets. All in a heartbeat.

ProtoPie Cloud

ProtoPie Cloud

Share your prototypes to the cloud, reuse each other's components, and leave comments for each other. Collaboration has never been easier.


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Is there a trial?

A 30-day free trial is automatically offered to users who sign up with a valid email address. Log in to ProtoPie Studio with your account to activate the 30-day free trial.

What happens to the remainder of my trial if I subscribe before it's over?

If you are on a trial and you subscribe to the Individual plan before the trial is over, the Individual plan will automatically replace the trial. As a result, you will lose the remainder of your free trial.

Can I subscribe to the Individual plan for multiple people?

It is not possible to subscribe to the Individual plan for multiple accounts. Only the Team plan allows a team owner to subscribe for a team of multiple accounts and freely manage member roles.

Can I subscribe to the Individual plan on behalf of someone else?

It is not possible to subscribe to the Individual plan and reassign this plan to another ProtoPie account.

Individual plans cannot be reassigned, because they are automatically and unalterably tied to the subscriber's own account. Only the Team plan enables its team owner to freely assign and reassign ProtoPie to other accounts.

Learn more about the Team plan.

Can I share my prototypes with others who don't have a ProtoPie account?

The prototypes you upload to the cloud can be shared with people who don't use ProtoPie anytime through a link.

ProtoPie allows you to edit your prototype's access settings in the cloud, before you share its link.

Learn more about the Team plan if you would like more control over your prototypes and collaboration features.

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