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VFX Prototyping at Kosmos

Learn why prototyping is better than traditional green screen technology.

ProtoPieMarch 13, 2024
profile picture of vfx prototyping livestream speaker mario baluci

In our 2024 kickoff livestream, we explore the thrilling realm of film industry prototyping featuring Kosmos. Visual FX supervisor Mario Baluci shares insights on using ProtoPie for innovative filmmaking, highlighting their groundbreaking prototyping methods.

Be sure to watch the recording to discover:

  • The pivotal role of prototyping in enhancing visual effects for films, and its advantages over traditional green screen technology
  • In-depth case studies by Kosmos
  • Expert advice on how to effortlessly incorporate prototyping into your film production workflow

Are you curious about how ProtoPie can elevate your VFX prototyping workflow? Schedule a demo session with our team to learn more.

ProtoPie benefits for VFX prototyping.
ProtoPie benefits for VFX prototyping.

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