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The Washington Post's Approach with ProtoPie

The Washington Post brought their creative ideas to life with ProtoPie's advanced prototyping features, revealing their commitment to cutting-edge design.

ProtoPieNovember 22, 2023
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The Washington Post consistently captivates audiences with their creative prowess, using ProtoPie to craft visually stunning and interactive experiences. One such groundbreaking feature is the Vertical Video, a testament to their commitment to revolutionizing user engagement within The Washington Post app.

Discover how this esteemed publication uses advanced prototyping features to bring their visionary concepts to life.

If you missed the live session, check out the recording below to delve into the crossroads of media and technology.

Crafting Visual Storytelling: The Washington Post's Approach with ProtoPie

The experts behind these revolutionary designs shared valuable insights:

πŸŽ™ Emily Mongilio, Senior Product Designer at The Washington Post

πŸŽ™ Brian Alfaro, Design Lead at The Washington Post

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