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ProtoPie 5.0 Launch Event

ProtoPie's CEO, Tony Kim, unraveled ProtoPie 5.0 along with its superb new features in this event.

Leah Han
Leah Han, Head of China BusinessJune 29, 2020
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During the ProtoPie 5.0 Launch Event, Tony Kim (CEO & Co-founder) along with Sarah Lim (Lead Product Designer) & Fredo Tan (Head of Customer Success & Onboarding), shared not only insights about our two newest amazing features–Interaction recordings & interaction libraries, but also dived into ProtoPie's vision and the future beyond ProtoPie 5.0.

Interaction recordings:

  • No more working overtime to make handoff or spec documents to explain interactions. Just build prototypes, make an interaction recording, and share with your engineers. Leave ProtoPie to do the rest.

Interaction libraries:

  • You probably have a design system, a static one. With ProtoPie’s interaction libraries, you can build on top of this and create your own interaction design system. Standardize your interactions and speed up your prototyping across the board.

Who should watch:

  • Leaders looking to increase team efficiency and address pain points.
  • Designers who want to design better with less effort (think no overtime on interaction specs).
  • Engineers who have a hard time working with prototypes passed on from designers.
  • ProtoPie Lovers, Pioneers, and soon to be fans.

Watch until the end to hear what their takes were on some of the burning questions users had during the Q&A session.


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Demo of new features
  • Beyond ProtoPie 5.0, the future of ProtoPie
  • Q&A