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Prototyping for the Connected Home with Vivint

Gain valuable insights into how Vivint leverages ProtoPie to revolutionize smart home design.

ProtoPieJuly 19, 2023
vivint spotlight pro camera

Our July webinar, "Prototyping for the Connected Home: From Idea to Reality," focused on IoT prototyping. We had the privilege of hosting Nathan Maus, a Senior UX Designer, and Michelle Zundel, the Director of UX Design at Vivint, who explored crucial subjects that are set to transform your approach to smart home design.

Vivint, a leading smart home solutions provider, caters to millions of households in the United States and Canada. Their state-of-the-art technology seamlessly combines home security and automation, resulting in homes that are not only safer but also more convenient and incredibly comfortable.

To gain valuable insights into how Vivint leverages ProtoPie to revolutionize smart home design, we invite you to watch the complete recording on our YouTube channel.

Prototyping for the Connected Home: From Idea to Reality

🗒️ Here are the key takeaways:

  • Onboarding customers to the Spotlight Pro, a complex and unique device, presented challenges in educating users about its features.
  • ProtoPie played a vital role in the success of the Spotlight feature, offering advanced prototyping capabilities, including variablesconditions, and formulas.
  • ProtoPie facilitates usability and user testing, enabling convenient product iterations leading to the final version.
protopie's impact on the success of the spotlight pro feature
ProtoPie is the reason why the Spotlight Pro experience became a reality.

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