Online Workshop

ProtoPie Beginner Workshops: Understanding the Conceptual Model

This workshop is for those who just started using ProtoPie and wants to know how ProtoPie fits into their design workflow.

Leah Han
Leah Han, Head of Customer LearningApril 25, 2021
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What we will cover

This beginner's workshop teaches UI/UX designers who are new to ProtoPie and how to use ProtoPie from the very beginning. After watching this workshop, users should be able to make their own interactions!

In the beginner workshop, we introduce ProtoPie in 3 parts.


  • Set up device size
  • Import assets to ProtoPie
  • The basic concept for using ProtoPie
  • Make interactions

Test and Share

  • Test your prototypes
  • Share your prototypes


  • Create design spec for developers
  • Create libraries with other designers


Download the pie file used in the workshop above

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