Logging in

  • I cannot log into ProtoPie, what should I do?

    Login in ProtoPie Studio can fail due to a variety of reasons.

    Please check the following first:

    • Verify that you are connected to the internet and that your connection is stable.
    • Make sure that you are logging into ProtoPie Studio with the right ProtoPie account.
    • As you can use ProtoPie Studio on maximum 2 computers with one account at the same time, you might have reached the maximum number of logged-in devices allowed. You can manage the computers you are logged into on the profile page under account settings.
    • It could be that your organization or company uses a proxy server due to security reasons. Learn more about the proxy settings in ProtoPie.

    Contact us if you need further assistance.

  • On how many computers can I use ProtoPie with one account?

    You can log in to ProtoPie Studio on max. 2 computers with one account.

    You can manage the computers you are logged into in your account settings, under profile.

  • What should I do if my company is using a proxy server?

    Follow the steps below in ProtoPie Studio if your connection uses a proxy server due to security reasons.


    Additionally, ask your IT admin to whitelist the following URL allowing ProtoPie Studio to bypass the proxy server:

    • https://cloud.protopie.io
    • https://speech.protopie.app

    If the solutions above don't work, an alternative would be ProtoPie Enterprise, a plan designed for teams that prefer to collaborate in their own secure environment.

    Contact us if you need more help.